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I'm back at home on a modem. Whee. Gotta love that modemyness. \
So I get home and mom yells "get that car emptied fast and get it out of the yard, we've got company coming over."
There were 6 non-family types in the house tonight, plus the 4 (+1 sister's boyfriend) of us making 11 total people in my house.
So I unpacked fast and threw stuff in the auxiliary living room, aka den/computer room where I sit now.
I showered, people came. I discovered that my next door neighbor Adam (30 something guy) plays unreal tournament. So does my dad. So do I.
I have a networking hub in a milkcrate waiting to be unpacked and 4 computers in the den.
Added these ingredients together, discovered we were one monitor short (but we only had 3 players anyway), stired remaining ingredients, and volia! 3ppl LAN party of Unreal that lasted until about 10 minutes ago. (aka 1AM)
That was fun.
I won most of the games, but Adam took home 2 titles. Poor dad got slaughtered. The pain medication he's on didn't help. (He threw out his back 2 days ago and is on perkaset (sp?) temporarilly.

The girl went back to NY today, but first we had cuddle time and sushi. Was a good morning, but she had to leave. :o(
Neither of us are quite ready to spend christmas with someone else's family yet, so we're kinda wondering what's going on next year when we're planning on being living together.
Curiouser and curiouser.
Enh, cross that bridge when we come to it and other cliches.

SO yeah. I should go break down some computers so mom doesn't throw a fit in the morning. (she told me I couldn't set them up in the den as it's an entertaining space.(bullshit.)) Should go do that and some random other bits of unpacking.
But yay! Get to play multiplayer LAN games over break! will be fun!

Getting up early to get one last xmas present that I almost bought this afternoon but the line for the registers ran all the way around the inside of the store. Eep! Ran away fast. So Dad and I gets up early and goes shopping. Me for the sister's present and him for stocking stuffers for the mother.

*runs away to clean up the cables hastily strung around the room*

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