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It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated in some time.
Nor have I done anything in some time.
X-mas around here was crazy busy. I'd wake up around 10 or 11 to people in my house. They'd be here (or we'd go elsewhere later) until 10-11ish at night, and I'd go upstairs/come home and crash. Well, insomniac crashing, but yeah.
SO I haven't had much time to do much.
Plus my school decided this would be a great time to remove our e-mail sever temporarilly so I have no e-mail for a few days. whee.
But I had a decent christmas. I got the knife I've been lusting after for oh.. 3 years now. Spyderco Edge. Out of production for a little over a year now. My dad managed to find one somewhere on the internet. He rules. So does my lil blade. Whee!
Also got a DVD drive for the puter, which I finally got working ok after some registry hacking to make it think I really do have a DVD program. hehe...
and a samsung portable cd/mp3 player. sahweet... burning some mp3 cds now for my 4 am drive to the airport to drop of the sister and her boyfriend so they can fly back to Maui where they live. Gotta have something to keep me awake...
And that was most of it thus far. Got a few more things coming tomorrow from my grandparents (hopefully that dreamcast so I can play some games/hack it. :o) Perhaps a new Hard Drive so I can get some space back on my puter.)
Got some new books to read, so my insomnia is going well. constructively at least.
And saturday I head up to NY to see the girl and possibly TMBG too.
Oh, I do miss the girl so..
just talked on the phone for bout a half hour or more. was nice.
I miss her sooooo much.
*whine whine*
Silly family stuffs. ugh.
But I have a 4 computer network up and running here at home, 2 of mine, 2 of dad's. dad and a neighbor and I stayed up one night playing Unreal Tournament together. My first LAN party... awww...
And yeah. Gotta think about maybe crashing for a bit before airport run. But would that just make me sleepier? dunno. might just stay up.

Just checkin in with y'all.
Hope the hollidays went well.

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