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Quick hits from me:

Got a big step closer to finished the workbench I'm building in the basement, looking forward to wrapping it up.

Helluva ENSMB gig Thursday and dinner with an old friend.

Friday my brain combusted and I sat at home staring at a wall (well, LCD monitor) instead of hanging out with friends or getting something useful done. *sigh*

Iron Chef competition Saturday, someone else's photos here. My dish of dried chorizo sauteed with garlic, topped with olives, anchovies, smoked paprika and roasted pistachios did not win, but frankly I didn't expect it too. I was going for shock and awe in the flavor department so that my cucumber/lime/white-sangria cocktail could be the taste-bud savior after the flavorstorm. I appear to have succeeded in that, people loved the beverage so I'm satisfied with my showing. (That said, I loved eating my dish and will likely make it again someday in a different form when potent flavor is called for.)
(Hopefully pic works, not linked off my site.)
prosicated returned from a visit to her parents straight to the Iron Chef gathering, was very good to get to hug her again.
After that we went over to casa de coraline and nacht_musik for a really tasty dinner and good companies. Discovered a book called "the Plucker" by Brom floating around their living room (property of new housemate apparently) and I now need a copy.

Sunday was making breakfast (well, prosicated made the food, I caused drinks) for latvianchick and eclectitian. Sausage/gravy and biscuits of awesomeness, and apple/beet/ginger juice and coffee/tea to go with foods. Then it was off to Ikea for an afternoon of wanton consumerism for all four of us. Went home and crashed hard, flopped on the couch with a Sam Adams Imperial White Ale and didn't really move for about 4 hours except to answer the door and take the pizza from the nice lady.

Monday monday, back to work.

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