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I... may have just bought a pair of unlocked+jailbroken 2g iPhones with firmware 3.0 on them on ebay so we can use them on t-mobile.
I can't tell you how excited that makes my not-so-inner geek.

why: we like tmobile, don't want to sign a new 2-year contract with AT&T (iphone 3gs) or Sprint (palm pre), and the price on used 2g iphones just dropped drastically when the 3gs hit. We can probably sell them for close to what I just paid (if not more than, got a good deal) in a couple months if we think it's not working out, but likely we'll hang onto them until either the iphone breaks it's exclusivity with AT&T or a really compelling piece of Android hardware hits the market. So far Android phones have suh-uked. (Two syllables, they suck that bad. no offense to those of you who have them, but no headphone jack? fr srs?)
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