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Office supplies

I appear to have a strange fetish for binder clips.

Before you get an incorrect idea, allow me to elucidate.

I was just returning from a deskside support call to my desk, and happened by one of the office printers which is on a table with assorted stuff all over it. There was a stray binder clip sitting there that I noticed. I pulled a U-Turn, grabbed the binder clip, and continued on my way. I found it rather amusing as I was returning to my desk, that I had actually turned around to grab a binder clip just for the sake of futzing with it as I walked back to my desk.

As I sat down on my desk I tossed the binder clip into my small things holding area (space between keyboard and monitors), where it clanked into a pile of about 7 other binder clips of assorted sizes.

I don't actually USE binder clips more than once in a blue moon, but apparently I often pick them up to futz with and them toss them in a pile on my desk. I'd assumed that they were piling up as a result of various paper things that people bring over for me to do stuff with, but now I'm wondering if I'm just slowly accreting a horde of little black and silver triangles, like Smaug and his gold.

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