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Theft, and comfort.

So our car got rifled and our GPS stolen out of the glove compartment some time between Sunday night and this morning. I think it was Sunday night, as I noticed a random coupon in our yard yesterday while watering the garden that I thought was in the car. I didn't think much of it at the time - just that it had escaped - but given that whoever it was threw everything from the neat cubby holes all over the car I bet that's when it escaped.

No damage was done to the car, so I'm thinking we stupidly left the car unlocked last time we parked it.

The GPS was a cheapo refurb so it's not like we're out a lot of cash, but the sense of violation is strong. The car was parked behind our house, not on the street. It's not even in view of the street, which means someone was wandering around our back yard looking for stuff to take. I haven't checked the garage yet, hoping our bikes are still there. I didn't think of that until I got to work today.

The sense of violation is strong, and I'm not very comfortable with that.
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