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I managed to get on some nutty right-wing email list awhile back called One News Now. I haven't unsubscribed because I strongly adhere to the concept of "know thy enemy," and it's good for a chuckle now and then.

Apparently the Obamanaut finally spoke out against the DOMA (defense of marriage act) and said that government marriage rules are discriminatory (duh!). Good on him! One News Now decided to post a poll to see what their readers though that this indicated, so I figured I'd go skew the results a bit.
Here's the poll:

OneNewsNow.com Poll
What is represented by the Obama administration's move to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

0 - Disdain for one-man, one-woman marriage
0 - White House is in the pocket of homosexual activists
0 - Total disconnect with traditional American values

I... um...
I didn't end up voting in that poll.
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