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come see me with Bummer & Lazarus this Friday at the Lily Pad
(not to be confused with ENSMB, which is a wildly different animal than this band)

animations! experimental short films! recontextualized classics!
all set to the artful noise of Bummer & Lazarus. FREE popcorn! and more!

Oh, and not really kid-friendly (in the mainstream sense) visuals, lots of artsy boobies.
And some abstract male bits too.

we've been working hard and getting lots of surprises ready for you for this week's show. this is easily the most ambitious and intense thing we've ever undertaken, and we really look forward to having you there to be a part of it. please help to spread the word about the show to everyone you know, even if you can't make it yourself.

Get you tickets in advance and save yourself some $$$

Advanced tickets are $7 for each show or $10 for both. Day of show tickets will be $10 for each show and $15 for both.

Bummer & Lazarus presents...
Friday Aug. 21
at the Lily Pad
(parental guidance suggested for younger viewers)

1st show
Doors 8
show 8:30
Seven short films
(guaranteed to make you go "woah")

2nd show
Doors 10
show 10:30
One feature length film
(Somewhat abstract, not plot driven. Lots of pretty footage with a touch of disturbing.)

if you've not heard us before, check out some of our music on our various websites

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