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Quick update list-stylie. (sorry.)

+ Finally getting around to bottling the second batch of Aniseed Saison, the first one went so quickly...

+ Went to an intro session at prosicated's gym of awesome (crossfit) yesterday, almost made it through a really simple workout (by their standards) before I had to stop because I was on the verge of puking. o_O I think it had to do with the sugar binge I went on the night before, because that was weird. SERIOUS freakin workouts though, I may be joining her in September if finances and a few scheduling details come together. eep?

+ Fridge full of tasty meats and fishes that we're going to smoke in a day or two, including some homemade bacon. Gotta remember to pick up some lemons and make smoked lemonade too...

+ Plans for re-doing the kitchen are taking shape, I'm on a crusade to get this done before Thanksgiving. Need to get a plumber in ASAP and make sure that the layout we want is technically (and building code-ly) feasible, apply for a DIY permit, pick out cabinets... then get this shit DONE!

Off to sanitise another set of bottles.

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