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so in my free time this evening while the girl was in class I watched Blade which I just downloaded.
Daymn I remember why I like that movie.
Nice action stuffs. Not your standard style either, it's kind of street fight meets wesley snipes martial arts. fun fun fun.
Ok, fine. I admit it. I just like stylin swords.

Anyway. played frisbee for 2.5 hours tonight. was good. I'm incredibly out of shape from the apendicitis episode this fall, and I never got back into shape.
I always promised myself that when I was 21 I'd be in really really good physical shape, just because once in my life I should be, and 21 is physical peak for a male.
It's all downhill from here. ugh.
Gotta go all out this semester. Job hunt, thesis, getting in shape, apartment hunt, oh, did I mention the 100 page thesis? and the thesis? thesis?
okies. off to bed.
see you soon beautiful!

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