... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
... in a handbasket

Dropped off a friend at the airport and promptly made another friend carsick on the way back from said airport due to my twisting Medford/Somerville back streets driving. (Sorry!)

I have a crockpot full of beef, olives, capers, tomatoes, and a head and a half of garlic stewing away in the kitchen. Just tried a bite and it's yum, I'm excited to taste it again in a few hours.

Now to go check out and potentially bring home snow tires off craigslist... if I disappear forever you'll know it was really an axe murderer just pretending to be selling four Michelin X-Ice tires to lure unsuspecting Mazda owners to a grisly death. eep!

EDIT: Snow tires achieved, I fought off the axe murderer with a tire iron.

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