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(shamelessly stolen from coraline because I'm too busy to write my own post...)

you're all aware emperor norton's is playing for the big broadcast of 1938, right?

well, now you are.

tom champion says "the martians are invading, and they're going to tow your cars". (more or less.)
(in not-unrelated news, tom champion can Act. who knew?)

(also, [info]sen_no_ongaku can compose awesome catchy vintage ditties, in addition to creepy martian music.)

it's a "soft start" so there are things onstage (and in the audience) before the official "start" time. that includes one of ENSMB's big songs!

quoted from [info]cthulhia -- People will be milling about in character by 7:30. (matinee: 1:30)
The script starts around 7:45. (matinee: ~1:45)
There's at least one ENSMB song before the official start at 8. (matinee: 2)

The usherettes, "cigarette girls" & assorted offstage cast not only look the part, but it seems like they may actually do improv scenes with each other if the early arrivals are game. (If last night's "rehearsal" is any indication, they're also going to run out of vintage candy, and slightly out of period "candy cigarettes", fast. Arrive early, be sure to buy something from them and interact with them in character.)

OCTOBER 29, 30, and *2* shows on HALLOWEEN!

see you there?

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