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Oh, hello there mid-afternoon energy brick wall! You're an hour late today...

Yes, still alive. Haven't posted to LJ in quite awhile but I read daily. I keep meaning to make time to sit down and write but real life keeps getting in the way.
Pesky that.
So here's a brief update.

- ENSMB studio CD coming out pretty darned soon, will have details for you on how to get one as soon as I know.
- New job going well, really enjoying it but it's a crap-ton of work. Bunch of great new beers this month as well which is exciting.
- Haven't been making time to do woodworking, I meant to use the winter for that but it seems to have slipped away on me.
- Condo upstairs from us going on the market soonish. Painters clomping around up there daily right now.
- Not going to the gym, need to get back on that wagon.
- Can't wait for biking weather to come back around so I can try biking to work. Should be about the same amount of time in the mornings as driving, which is just crazy. Afternoons are pretty quick to get home so it won't help there, but hey. Biking.

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