... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
... in a handbasket

I can't sleep of late.
Which has been ok as we've been sleeping at my place, but tonight we're at the girls. Thus I have to kill time on her computer which is dificult lacking all my lovely time killing programs (like diablo2, ie bookmarks, my pics/music, etc.).
which in turn wouldn't matter if only I could sleep.
and its' not even a full moon...

In other news, I got into a class who's topic coincides neatly with my thesis, and only meets once a week giving me even more time to actually attack the beast with keyboard in hand.

In yet other news, I've been debating what game to pick up next, as I think this thesis will destroy my will to play diablo2. I'm looking at neverwinter nights and dark age of camelot. I'm thinking DAoC, mostly because NWN doesn't really have a proper multi-player setup. You have to join other people's campaigns which there is a DM for. (It's based on AD&D3 rules, so it's DMed with a group of players. Nice for LAN parties, but not so much for just playing now and then when you feel like it.)
I've heard that DAoC gets really boring after you get past level 30 though, which is a shame as it is supposed to be really good up until then. There's not much skill involved either, your character is as good as the number indicating it's level. Weak.
So it looks like there's not much of an option for another game for me. Perhaps I'll try Anarchy Online, but it's supposed to have major issues. *sigh*
course it'll be 4 months till I'll have time to play anyway.
night all.

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