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we were in dancing ferret records this afternoon, which is called such because the angsty man who owns it is also a concert promoter in philly, doing mostly industrial and goth, and he also runs the goth night at shampoo on wednesdays. His name's Patrick, and he's a lecherous asshole.
But I'm getting off the point and telling you far more about the philly subculture scene than you care to know. and more than I like to admit that I know. (I can tell you about numerous girlfriends of his also and even know a few stories of who cheated on who first.)
It's a store whch has electronic, industrial, goth, and other dark noisy music packed into the numerous cd racks and few vinyl shelves.
I noticed a prodigy section, and went over to see if I could find a replacement for my "experience" album which has become horribly scratched. I found one for $17. then I found a 2 cd set which had experience and a disc of remixes and B-sides for $18.50. guess which I got.
I love prodigy... and I foudn them first damnit! I don't care when you knew about them, I found them first. the only person in the USA who knew them before me was my dad. Yes, he's that cool.
I love my pops.
course the last CD he bought was Shaggy.

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