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Stopped in at Pizzeria Posto last night for dinner, was very tasty. VERY tasty. At one point I compared it favorably to Mario Batalli's Otto in NYC and prosicated agreed that it was a fair comparison as far as food quality.
They have some good beer choices on tap, and prosicated spotted some nice bottles on their wine list as well.

For the carb/gluten-free crowd there's some excellent anti-pasto options that are basically served tapas style, but most of their menu is pizza and house-made pasta.

Try it if you haven't, fantastic food to be had even if the entire experience is still a little rough around the edges. (They're obviously training new servers, someone eating got whacked (lightly) with a table being carried to a different spot, etc.) I do suggest getting there early though, it appears to be the hot new spot for the moment and I think there was an hour wait by the time we left.

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