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It's job search time.
so the girl and I are beginning to seriously look for jobs now. (she more so than I, I have some other things to deal with too like a thesis, and finding classes so I can get a degree.) Probably going to stick around the washington DC to Boston region, including philly, NY, etc. (but not jersey hopefully) so I'm going to have to go out on interviews one of these days.
That was my interview suit in the... odd... picture a few days ago. and my mom's nightcap. heh.
It's a snazzeriffic suit, but it makes me feel too mature, like I should be shaking hands with a firm grip while looking people in the eyes instead of my usual hop-skip-jump frantically waving greeting that I'm used to. (usually while saying things like splat! and smurf! and arrrrr....! )
someone take it back?

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