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Damn, I keep forgetting how much better FLAC is than even the high quality streamed Pandora. I need to drag my good headphones in to the office as well so I can really do this music justice.

Go listen to Zoe Keating's new album, you can stream it live off her website for free at this link. It's bloody fantastic, as were the previous two.

I picked up a loop pedal a few years ago with the intention of doing some similar stuff to what she's doing. They appear to be simple devices, but the low button count is deceptively simple looking. Getting good with one of those takes some SERIOUS dedication to the art. Kim has obviously put some time in and can pull off some good songs with her looper, but Zoe really takes it up a notch. It's likely that the album version has some multi-track trickery going on, but I've heard her do it live (via radio) as well, and it's still jaw-dropping. Woman's got some serious looper mojo.

I sold mine after about a year to fund the purchase of a different piece of music gear, probably my acoustic bass guitar now that I think about it. Good move in the end, for sure.
I truly long to be able to make that kind of music with a single instrument, but I know I just don't have the time in my life right now to commit to the learning curve. Some day down the road when I have more spare time (hah!) perhaps I'll give it another try. Upright bass with looper could generate some seriously varied and fascinating sounds.
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