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I want to make stuff.
I want to learn more about stuff.
I'm having a crisis of sorts.

The past two days I've just been totally wanting to make things and I have no tools, no materials, and no idea what to make.
I'm not feeling artsy, I'm feeling manual labor-y.
I want to build a dining set, or a bed frame, or write some really nifty computer code, or learn a martial art, or or or... something.
Not more classes.

They suck.
You don't learn anything.
At least I don't.
I spend most of my time in class wondering how these other people can be so simultaneously dull and bright. how they can sit there doing nothing, listening, all the while trying to figure out what to say to get on the teacher's good side.
Yesterday in a class I found myself deliberately taking on offensive viewpoints just to piss some people off and get them talking about what they really think instead of regurgitating the crap that their past teachers have fed into them about their pompous viewpoints.
I'm being way too negative also. I mean, I've had some really wonderful teachers who have taught me a lot, and who don't teach out of pure narcissism. But they're few and far between.

sorry about that, just kinda happened. I'll put in rant tags for ya.

I wanna make something.
Please, show me how to make something.
put it in the comments, e-mail it to me, but HELP!
show me how to fold envelopes out of pieces of paper, show me how to build integrated circuits, I don't care.
just help

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