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bad fucking afternoon.
Got paired up with the two most annoying nitwits in my class for a group project.
One of whom, you may remember, tried to kill me and 10 other people numerous times last week via vehicular suicide.
On top of that this fucking professor thinks that it's her right to stretch class an extra half hour just because it's the last period of the day.
*goes off to vent some frustration on inanimate objects*

On top of it all I have to sit down and write some serious code tonight, genetic algorithm programming and evolution for a light seeking robot.
Ordinarilly I'd be excited about such a project, but we have exactly 5 days to create said orbot. wheeeeohshit.
And my partner in robotic crime, while a really nice guy, ain't such a hot coder and doesn't understand the Linux machines in the lab.

My thesis is behind schedule, the job search is scary, and this semester is FLYING by.

Someone got a big rock I can hide under for a few months?

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