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Hi, I'm alive.
I read LJ daily, just rarely post.

Life continues apace, busy as hell. Job goes well enough, no car disasters recently, and I've gotten in a decent amount of woodworking time. I finished the other bedside table, now i just need to make drawers for both of them, then take some decent photos.

Overhauling the kitchen has taken a front seat, and I hope to get that ball rolling in the near future.
I need to figure out all my materials needs and get a big plywood order placed soon.

Band's been busy, a couple big awesome gigs coming up.
Feb 17th, club Passim with Cirkestra
Feb 25th, middle east downstairs with some awesome bands
Mar 18th, Johnny D's with Bury Me Standing

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    Just an "I'm alive and reading" post. hi all. :)

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