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Building stuff.

Last year was laying a lot of groundwork for a lot of different things, a major one being my little woodshop in the basement.

I pulled together a bunch of tools from craigslist (lurked and stole the great deals) and online forums/ebay, and assembled a complete shop for less than 1/4 of what it would cost to buy new.
And now, finally, it's bearing fruit.
The first nightstand took me months, as I was still sorting out workflow and tuning tools.
The second one took me weeks.
Tonight I slapped together a cabinet carcass, built and put the first coats of finish on a shelf for journeyman, and also helped a friend get near completion on a project I've been helping him with for awhile now.

I'm making things. It's happening. Momentum is building, I hope I can keep it going.
I have some big goals this year for my life. *crosses fingers*

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