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Spent the weekend cooking, doing lots of dishes, and working outside.
Pretty content.
Bolognese with a lamb, pork, beef, and a bit of cinnamon?

So, going forward.
Impromptu BBQs (since we're getting towards summer):
(Is LJ a good announcement venue? Should I set up an email list? Would you want on it?)

I see these happening with some regularity as the weather warms up.
- Constants: Me, beer, hot grill, music, chairs, some basic grill-type foodstuffs.
- Variables: My lovely wife, you, whatever food people bring.

Kids welcome unless otherwise specified that day, but we expect their parents to maintain some level of supervision and responsibility. Our house and yard aren't kid-proofed.

(Also? really not ready for my weekend to be over. *sigh*)
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