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Had a great couple evenings with my wife recently.
We had conversations, and did things around the house, and even ran errands. We've both been so busy for the last few months that we hadn't done such simple things together in quite awhile.

On my own again for an evening, I got some good stuff done tonight.
I fixed a friend's spinning wheel (a little late though apparently, oops. Sorry m'lady), cleaned up a 2 hand planes that were my great-grandfathers's (one from each side of the family!), and folded a fuckton of laundry.
And even remembered to eat dinner!

Doesn't seem like much when I write it out, but it's a lot more than I feel like I've accomplished in one week-night in quite awhile.
Basement time! With gouges and wood glue! And old tools with history!

In closing, life is too short to not wear fun clothes.
Tomorrow I'm wearing yellow paisley underpants and my space invader socks.
Damn the torpedoes.

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