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"Most memorable piece of advice your father ever gave?"

My father. I love him dearly, but he's not a man of words for the most part, and certainly not one for overarching commentary/advice.
He's a very smart man, but lives his life very much in the moment on very practical terms. The majority of his advice is along the lines of "it hurts when I do this..." "Well don't do that!"
It sounds glib, but it informed a lot of the way that I choose to go through life. The simplest answer is usually the best, and you shouldn't get bent out of shape about things you can't change.

This is in direct contrast to my mother, the queen of worrying and angst. The stark contrast between my parents is often amplified by the quiet Mona Lisa-like smile on my father's face in the moments when they're disagreeing. More often than not, such moments will end with my mom laughing at herself, or accusing him of being aloof. I can never tell which it'll be. I don't think he can either despite 38 years of marriage.

I absorbed a lot of my father in the 18 years we lived together, but I can't seem to pull out a single piece of memorable advice.
Just a lot of very practical life lessons, and a calm, strong presence.

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