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Alive, but contemplating hibernation for the winter. Getting out of bed's been hard lately.

A brief list:
- Married for 4 years now to the most awesome person I've ever met. I <3 prosicated
- Kitchen progressing very slowly, just don't have enough time in my life lately. argh.
- Work's busy, but mostly good. Some meta-angst there as usual.
- Honk! rocked
- Crooked Still show last night was awesome, don't see enough live music that I'm not in. Must fix that.
- Actually made a dr. appointment for the first time in, I believe, a decade. Literally. Looking forward to hearing how terrible my body is.
- Spending today doing laundry and dishes and running errands. whee!

Most of my blogging these days seems to be happening over on Google+ if you're interested in following my random escapades. :)

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