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Hedgehogs are So incredibly cute. It's disgusting! :o)
Plus he gets more attention than me. Woe!
hehe. Is joking.
Anyway. Went out to my parents house on saturday, and I made a yummy asparagrass dish for dinner. mmm.. butter, garlic, lemon, pepper, and asparagrass... *in heaven*
it was delish.
The girl and I crashed there for the night, then got up and came back to school. The girl got sick. Big time woe. So I did all kinds of good things to make her feel better. we watched the Hobbit. The music sucks in it, but it's the hobbit for god's sake. How can you not love it?
I'm reading watership down, which I'm sorry to say I'd never read in my younger years. It's a wonderful book, and if you haven't read it I suggest that you do. vVery well written and good characters and and and.. yeah. happy.
::time lapse::
Was hedgehog sitting while the girl cleaned his food bowl, etc. He's so damn cute it's almost intolerable!
Now he's pooping.
yay for the running commentary on the hedgehog. heh. sorry...
Anyway, I've become re-obsessed with ramen lately. It's such a wonderful food...
Had band practice tonight. went well. (one of our songs running through my head now... see the 'music' section below and go check out the site. free mp3 clips... e-mail me for the full mp3 songs.)
Our first show of the new millenium (by the CORRECT reckoning) is this friday. yay! muchly looking forward to it.
:o} <--- lip aquiver with anticipation...
Ok, off to have some tea. Not tired yet. Damn I need a shower though... the girl puts up with my manly stench so well... heh.
off, to be clean!
*runs to the shower*

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