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My car hates me.
My computer hates me.

On the plus side I had a good time last night...

To clarify.
Tuesday evening I come back to my room after frisbee practice to check my e-mail before heading up to the dining center to eat what passes for food around here, and my computer isn't on.
Curious, as I never really turn it off...
It won't turn on either.

Eventually I figure out that one of the cooling fans conked out and let the northbridge chip on the mother board overheat. Motherboards shut down if the processor gets too hot, but don't care about the other chips. *sigh*

So I run out to the local "microcenter" and grab me a new Motherboard. This one (currently using) doesn't think that I really have 780MB ram, just 280MB and I can't convince it otherwise. *le sigh*

Car just got towed to the mechanics with a dead fuel pump. I should have recognised the warning signs, but having never had a fuel pump die on me in the past 6 years of car ownership I didn't know that's what was going on.
The pump itself is going to cost me close to $200, plus labor to install it which'll be a good few hours as they have to unmount the gastank to get at the damn thing.

On the plus side of life I have red corderoy pants, a bright orange long sleeve shirt, and a new pet.
Normally I think betta fish are dumb looking, but this guy just spoke to me. he's really pretty and active. He's blue and gold shiny, and his new little tank is far nicer than most betta tanks (aka. bigger) and he seems really happy. just need to get him some gravel and a plant (fake or otherwise) to chill with.

So yeah, I'm back. I'm having a hectic semester and it's not getting better any time soon.

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