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so my mom just called me and pushed back my evening about 45 minutes further.
On the plus side though she's sending me some money to deal with the fact that my computer and car died in one week costing me a combined $550, not to mention having to deal with all this crap.
yay for money!

So following atropa's lead I tried to find myself on google. earliest spotting of me on the web is just from freshman year of college. anything from before that has been lost in the shifting sands of internet datum. sad really, as I've been on the net since about '93 and had a webpage of my own in 95.
But what the hey. should've gotten a domain name then. heh.

Interesting locale of my name... PBS's website. hehe!
Click here.
it's the soundtrack of PBS's new documentary called "Senior Year," and my band has two songs on it. :o)
Band is Blocking Concensus, and you can even listen to the tracks on there it appears, didn't bother trying as I have them on CD and mp3 already.
Band is broken up, has been for about a year now. But they liked the stuff, and we'll get 17 cents per copy sold after the studio makes back the money they put into it.

Doubt I'll ever see that cash. but here's hopin...

Oh, if you like the music let me know, I can send you all 5 songs we ever recorded. Studio quality, not basement recordings... ;o)

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