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looks to be a taking-stock day on LJ so here goes.

Had an ok weekend over all. more blah than good though.
Friday night was my last post, about the bitchwad who postponed our group meeting.
well the only other time they could do it was at 2PM on saturday, aka. in the middle of my frisbee tournament. *sigh*

Saturday, I miss the second half of our third game and all of the fourth game to go and deal with these witches. I managed not to kill them and actually smile and laugh at apropriate moments. as we wasted 2 hours.
I leave the meeting to find that my parents had come down to watch me play frisbee and gotten there about 10 minutes after I had to leave. *double sigh*
caught my parents as they were leaving and got them to take the girl and I out for yummy gourmetish pizza.

Saturday night, prosicated, oceanic, and I went to a techno/electronic concert on my campus. was good music, but was deserted. only about 20 people in there at the most crowded moment. techno's just better in a big crowd. *le sigh*
(we dragged cobaltnine, in there too for a minute. hehe!)
was good music though, and I got a free cd of their stuff which I have yet to listen to.
The girl didn't have much fun there, which was a shame. Guess I didn't really either, but it was something to do. just wish there'd been more people.

today I got up and went to go play the second day of frisbee tournament. The asshole in charge of the fields tells us we can't use the college fields today because it sprinkled last night and it might drizzle later today. So there we are with 500 frisbee players and no where to let them play.
We managed to get 8 fields off campus, so we played a sort of modified version of ultimate. (games an hour long, whoever's ahead wins instead of games to 13 or so.) didn't actually start playing till noon, which pissed be off because I was hoping to be done by then so I could get some work done tonight. but ah well. say la vi as 9mm would say. ;o)

so now I'm up to now. Just got back from the fields, need a shower. Have no clean clothes so need to do laundry. know how easy it is to get a washing machine on campus on a sunday afternoon? not very.
have a 3-4 page paper to write, a presentation to prepare, and about 2 hours of robot coding to do. plus eat and sleep, neither of which I've done enough of this weekend. and I have to get up at 9 tomorrow morning, so if I want a good 10 hours of sleep I have to get this all done in the next... *calculates* 7.75 hours. whee.

On the plus side I played well today, my betta fish is still really active and pretty, not lethargic like most, and I found a pair of clean socks.

If only I had underwear.
*flops out on floor*

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