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I'm so tired I feel drunk.
Anyone else ever have that happen?
It's a little odd... Usually you feel tired when drunk. But I'm backwards. Do it get a prize?

Well, I just realized that I haven't really updated since I got pissed at LJ, (see below. eating my entries...) so I figured it was about time to start again. :o)
Lessee... had a frisbee tournament this weekend. We were 4-2 overall. pretty good for this early in the season.
We were playing in the slushy snow today, which SUCKED might I add. *sigh* I hate playing sports in bad weather. it bites.
Now it's really pretty out. I'd take a picture for you all, but I don't have a digital camera that's worth a penny; thusly, I'll describe it to you.
It's about halfway between light and dark and it's pretty windy. My window out of my room is the size of one whole wall, and it's on the 4th floor, so I'm looking into the tops of some trees and the back of one of the prettier buildings on campus. *happy sigh* pretty view if I might say so myself.
woah, Big gust. Almost snapped some pine trees in half. Be interesting to see if they're all there in the morning, as they already have about a half-inch of ice on them. eep!
Already much darker out there, sky is cloudy and kind of a deep slate bluey-purple. more slate now than colorful.

Hungry tummy. Thinks I'll go pursue some food in the wilds of the dining center. (don't laugh, it's dangerous there!) Last week alone, 3 people were eaten by the mystery meat. Can't be too careful... eat vegetarian in the dining centers of the world. Trust me.

*Runs off in search of his large boots for ankle protection*

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