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This stupid paper just doesn't want to be written!
I need bouncier music I think. All this classical is starting to put me to sleep. And it's only 1:20... *sigh*

me: but mr. paper man, I don't wanna be up all night!
mr. paper man: TOUGH! Suck it up procrastination boy!
me: wah!!!
mr. paper man: *smack*
me: ouch... *rubs cheek sullenly* Fine. You can make me work...
mr. paper man: but?
me: but you'll never take, MY HALF-FULL PICKLE JAR!
mr. paper man: *confused look*
me: oh bugger off. I like pickles.
mr. paper man: Mwuhahahaha! You just ate your last one!
me: AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Shit! Totally lacking in procrastination material now!
me: oO(wait, what am I doing now?)
me: Woohoo! Successful procrastination!

Ok, back to beat mr. paper man into submission.
mr. paper man: oh baby, come beat me.
me: shaddup.

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