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Definitely my new default pic.
My old default has become my angry pic. I wasn't really happy with it as my default, but I was sick of my old one ya see.
Waitin on the girl to get back to me so I can go see her and run away from all the work my computer keeps pushing in my face.

Supposed to hear about the job tomorrow finally, we'll see if it happens this time.
If it doesn't I think I might go in there and rip someone a new asshole.
Ok, so not really. but damnit I want to know!

The girl brought me fleurs the other day. two sunflowers and two carnations (with a story). One of the carnations shriveled up real quick, not surprising considering the story they came with. But the other one's still going strong as are the sunfleurs. Brighten up my room nicely I think.

Other than than, life goes on.
Should try to do a tad more work before I leave for the night.

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