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It's been a good day for my computer.

Sitting on my desktop, playing as we speak, is a full DVD quality rip of
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.
playing in all it's 1.4gigs of wondrousness.
And it's actually from a DVD, not a video camera! it's so beautiful... *cries*

It's a leaked version of the screener for the acadamy awards. They send out DVDs to all the voters of the movies before they're released. Some executive at the production company ripped it and stuck it out on the internet somewhere and a friend of mine found it.
(and there was much rejoicing)

In other news, got WineX running under Linux. the 2.0 version just released has full DirectX support, so I can play Diablo2 on Linux and do my thesis there!
Nevermind the fact that it's still got bugs and I have to do it under windows if I want to get anything done... it's possible now at least!


Feeling a lot better and...
oh! fight scene. gotta go.
Legolas rocks.
Ya just don't fuck with elvish archers.

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