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Let's see...
I've got fifteen minutes before frisbee.
no time to start thesis stuffs...
what do do?

seven things that scare you:
1. spiders. nasty creepy crawly little things.
2. My thesis being due in a week and a half.
3. not having a job.
4. hmm... I'm hard to scare in any traditional sense.
5. 6. 7. see 4.

seven things that make you laugh:
1. prosicated *hugs*
2. penny arcade
3. My suite-mates
4. naked people streaking
5. smalls falling over like little bowling pins
6. being tickled.

seven things you love:
1. prosicated
2. sushi
3. sleep
4. nice not-too-hot summer days with nothing to do.
5. vanilla scented things
6. pizza and beer. (what, I am a college student...)
7. family

seven things you hate:
1. racism
2. intolerance
3. stupid people
4. gay bashing
5. Those freakin stickers on the tops of new CDs that always rip when you try to get them off. grr!
6. the fact that I never seem to pay bills on time
7. my computer not working.

seven things you dont understand:
1. teeny-boppers
2. frat boys
3. Hanson
4. how those tower fans work. it just doesn't make sense!!!!
5. why no one wants to hire me.
6. why there's spilled loose tea on my floor.
7. why prosicateds lappie won't read CD-ROMs. *stumped*

seven things in your room:
1. tiny bed
2. thesis books
3. computer
4. pictures of prosicated and things she's made me. *swoon*
5. lots of stuff piled EVERYWHERE
6. pet Rat (mochi)
7. pet fish (spike)

right now you are:
1. sitting in my chair at my computer.
2. kinda hungry
3. waiting for 4:00 to roll around
4. finally awake
5. a little chilly
6. pondering the meaning of life. (no, not really)
7. hoping that the girl is feeling better.

Seven facts about you:
1. my name comes from Ry Cooder. (google search him if you need to.)
2. I play many musical instruments: bass, e-bass, violin, recorder, viola, cello, guitar, probably more.
3. I have an older sister (kiera)
4. I was born in my house
5. I tend to stereotype people very quickly (and i'm rarely proved wrong)
6. 5'10", around 200 lbs.
7. i know aproximately 30 different ways to throw a frisbee.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. learn to play the piano
2. go sky-diving
3. get out of debt
4. visit europe
5. spend some more time in the south-west, utah and arizona mostly.
6. see the north-west, maybe live there.
7. have created something worthwhile.

Seven things you can do:
1. be modest.
2. Scuba dive
3. fix computers
4. fix anything mechanical
5. interior decorating
6. cook
7. smell bad. I'm good at that.

Seven things you cant do:
1. speak any foreign languages (cept french when I'm drunk.)
2. headstands
3. standing back flips
4. make a white sauce without burning it
5. sleep sometimes
6. coin tosses with a stunt kite. grr...
7. draw as well as I'd like to

Seven favorite movies:
1. Ghost in the Shell
2. The Matrix
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Star Wars
5. Harold and Maude
6. Aladin
7. more anime. :o)

Top seven favorite TV shows:
don't watch TV, but:
1. Invader ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. simpsons
3. futuroma

Top seven albums:
jesus, I dunno. I like so many and it depends on my mood.
techno: prodigy - experience
classical: vivaldi - 4 seasons
hard rock: KMFDM probably... or Rage against the Machine, first album
new age: enya - memory of trees
obscure: Autechre - ep7

Top seven weird habits:
1. I use my hand to squeegee myself off in the shower. Apparently only freaks do such things.
2. When I was little I always had one hand down my pants
3. Checking LJ every morning when I wake up and night before I sleep
4. wearing skirts
5. hardcore procrastination
6. using objects for things they're not meant for (not in a sick way... =P)
7. driving with my left foot on the dashboard.

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