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Well, lots going on in my life.
Firstly my thesis. ugh.
I was up until 3:30 last night hanging out with an informant. I got lots of great material, but jeez. he started playing at 12 that night. *le sigh*

In other news I have a robotics project due tomorrow compleat with presentation. I don't have time to do it.

In more happy news, I may have gotten a job lead. Some woman left me a message about a possible helpdesk position in my area. whee. hope that pans out.
also on the happy side, I just got my own domain name. heh. Friend of mine showed me a place where you can get hosting for $3.90 a year. Yes, a year. 6GB monthly transfer, 110MB storage, MySql, cgi-bin, ftp access, 1 subdomain, basically everything I want except telnet/ssh service, and for $4 a year I can live without that. They seem like great people, and the web page had good response time, so i figured what the hell, worst case I'm out 4 bucks and find a better hosting place, like the one I have for another site I'm working on. if it works out, whee!
I had to register a domain because they wouldn't let you set up an account without actually having a domain to put on it. So I did. but there's nothing up there yet so I'm not going to bother telling you all what it is.
As soon as it gets set up i'll be switching to that e-mail account for everything, so I can't wait for it to go through.
yay yay yay.

in other news, I still have too much to do and NO time.
fuck fuck fuck.
you may not be hearing from me until friday after 5PM, at which point I'll either post something extremely happy or extremely pissed off.

*buckles down*

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