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so I had a conversation with the girl, and part of it was based around the fact that I've had a shitty semester.
How shitty?
I sat down to figure it out.

I've spend $1,220 fixing my stupid car this semester.
Whoops, forgot the new tires, make that $1,420. my bad.
I've spent $650 repairing my computer.

Neither of those numbers reflects the time spent and the insane mental anguish I was going through with my computer. (it forced me to tears repeatedly, an impressive achievement as I'm not really a cry-er.)

I spent most of a week sick getting almost nothing done. Then spent a day and a half taking care of the girl after she got the same thing.

All of the people in one of my classes hate me because I'm a white male. (actually one of them doesn't hate me, but the class dynamic is anti-me.) The only male in the class, and one of the few white folk, I get mad karma shot my way all class long.

Still no job, which is screwing up the girl's future plans also. (this should be remedied in the near future, just hopefully soon enough rather than too late.)

Not graduating on time, just another reminder of what a wonderful semester this has been.

So there we have it.
I'm out $2,070, plus the hassle of having to repair my car repeatedly and spending a few days with no computer (which all of my work including preliminary thesis stuff was on), plus the hassle of trying to write a thesis and play a little frisbee to relax all at the same time.

This semester sucked.
It's official.

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