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Interesting little set of questions stolen from 9mm... short so I won't bother cutting it. =P

1. What's the longest road trip you've taken?
Drove 12 hours straight (me personally, no relief) from Philly to Isle of Palms South Carolina.
Longest road trip overall would be three weeks driving around the southwest (utah arizona) with my dad when I was 15. He even let me drive a few thousand miles! ;o)

2. If your cable company only let you have three stations, which stations would they be?
Cartoon Network, Discovery, TLC

3. What's the best meal you've ever had at a restaurant?
Jeeze, tough call.
Probably would have been a marvelously large quantity of sushi eaten sophmore year at Mikado in Ardmore (outside philly)

4. Are you a bargain shopper? Do you clip coupons?
I majorly check out prices, at least on purchases over $50. Rarely use coupons though.

5. What would you be doing right now if you weren't goofing off online?
cleaning up this pigsty of a room in preparation for moving out of here this weekend.

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