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I had to make a new user pic for this day.
My old angry one just wasn't cutting it.

Fucking assholes.

(background: I'm short a few classes to get my degree. I went to sign up for courses at Villanova College. They tell me I need my advisor's permission and cash and I'm in. So I get these things and go today {for the third time} to sign up.)

After shunting me around 6 times to 4 different buildings (two twice) someone finally tells me that as an undergrad taking grad courses I need a 3.0 GPA, which, as some of you out there may know, I am no where near having. well, not near enough at least.
In other words, I'm shit outta luck. And I wasted the past 2 weeks of organization lining up this class instead of undergrads which I actually could have taken.
I'm so pissed that pissed doesn't come close to how I feel.

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