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It's been a day.
Nothing special, just another day.
Had to meet with the "study skills specialist" because if you fail 3 classes in 2.5 years of college around here they get all pissy with you.
*rolls eyes*
I think I get seasonal depression, cause I only ever have bad semesters in the fall. *shrug*
Anyway. Work today sucked. We have the Hybris virus (aka. haha, or snowwhite) all over campus and there were 3 computers in helpdesk (my job) today with it. It's annoying to get rid of, but luckily doesn't do any real damage. Unlike this new "naked wife" one (which I don't know the real name of) which is going to SUCK if it gets on campus.
If you'd like the snowwhite virus, let me know. I can send it to ya. I have a copy in my inbox for posterity's sake. If I really feel evil I can send it to some people I don't like. heh heh...
*evil grin*
poor unsuspecting fools... They'll have forgotten all about it in a few months...
Anyway. Update those virus scanners if you haven't already. I don't use the things personally, but if you do you should keep em fresh. They smell better that way.
off to finish up another paper. Then study for midterm tomorrow, then take it tomorrow, then study for other midterm tomorrow, take that one, then spend friday with the girl (yippee!), then drive to SC for a week of pain.
frisbee preseason.
serious stuff.
lots of running.

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