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I got the president of the college behind me on my crusade for justice. He must've smacked my Dean hard, because she sent this e-mail today, despite the fact that she's on vacation.

Dear Prof FromHell,

my secretary has informed me that inahandbasket has received a "O.O" in
your stupid class because you were unaware that i
had approved an extension for him.

i am writing to confirm that inahandbasket did speak to me about being ill during the exam period. his illness was verified by the health services center.
somehow, there was a miscommunication and you were not informed. frankly,
i don't remember what the obstacle was. i remember discussing the situation
with inahandbasket, but don't know if i expected him to first have a conversation with you and then let me know if he still needed an extension. Or, perhaps, he
expected me to contact you and explain the situation. i regret the
[ed. this is still a load of bullshit, she told me she was calling him. but onward...]

in any event, i hope that you'll accept inahandbasket's work which was submitted on may 13th. he was ill and needed the extra time to complete his final assignment.

if there are any further questions, i will be returning to the office on june
3; feel free to contact me (or my secretary, Xxx Xxx) at


Xxx Xxx
associate dean

Don't fuck with me from now on.
Anyone who does will pay.
I've had enough of it for this year.

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