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Joined the realms of the cell phone owners.
Poop, held out as long as I could...

The girl is mostly into the new apartment, spending her first night there alone. We got hot water there today finally, that was nice to get a shower.
Now I'm back at the 'rents house for a night. I'm officially living here, but I suspect that I'll be split about half and half until I officially move into the apartment. I have keys too, that's nifty. :o)

Still no further along on my quest for justice. My prof has ignored the 3 page long e-mail I sent him last week, so I'm proding him now. I'm makin phone calls tomorrow if he doesn't reply, and staging commando raids on friday if this shit is still going on.

Other than that, life goes on.

I'm way behind on updating, I know. I still owe jakd some pictures of kites and such, and my poor fish Spike was getting hungry. forgot to ask the mother to feed him while I was gone. (was only a day, and he's perfectly capable of going a few days without food, but I still feel guilty.)

Got a paycheck, spent a lot of money moving into apartment.



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