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And the boy headed for hell makes his triumphant return to the world of LJ after a week without a puter.
*and there was much applause*

let's see... story time!
I was in south carolina with my frisbee team for a week of practice in the sun. It was great. Then came the evenings of heavy drinking. Seeing as I'm not a heavy drinker, these times were not so great. I spent a lot of these times laying in the hammock on the porch and listening to the waves crash on the beach, cause it was one of the few places around the house that you couldn't hear the crowd of 40-odd people upstairs playing drinking games.
But the frisbee was fun, and we have a really talented group of froshlings this year. That's always a bonus.

And yeah. The concert 2 fridays ago went really well. (my band's that is...) We sort of flubbed one intro, but hey. It happens. And it's a song that we've been playing for 2 years now, so it's not like we can't play it right. just that our drummer is a crackhead who dislikes standardized rhythms. (Don't ask... it's a headache.)

And that's most of what's new in my life. Playing lots of frisbee and trying to deal with my personal insanity.

Personal Insanity
Description: A condition which causes massive brain-farts and lack of general mental accumen in it's victims. Usually accompanied by long bouts of staring at walls and acting generally weird.
Known Causes: Often brought on by driving an automobile for 12-14 hours straight - twice withing one week - with a bisexual, skeazy, irritating man in the passenger seat.


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