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Today was a good day.
I can't even describe why, it just was.
This past few weeks have been good times as well.
There's something in the air. Well, my air at least.
There's a spring in my step, a clarity in my head.
It's indescribable really. The only person who's spotted it is a curtlepine, and most of you know how hard it is to get a straight answer out of one of them. *grins*

Speaking of the curtlepine, she's having company at the moment. I'm glad, she's been having a rough transition to her new jod.

My dad was laid off a few weeks back, I don't remember offhand if I mentioned it or not.
He's collecting unemployment for either three months or two years depending on whether or not it was because of foreign competition.
He's also doing odd jobs for a contractor friend of his, and getting paid under the table.
He made more this week than he made during any week in the past thirty years apparently, so I'm happy for him.
He's loving it, I think he really hated his job but that momentum...

The weather has cooled off. it's marvelous. Does wonders for one's head.

Had a nasty headache today, but even that doesn't dent my air apparently.
Everything just falls into my stride lately.
Only thing that's gotten me riled up was being called a "fat bastard" by a 40 year old with a significant beer belly.
I wanted to fly a kite today, but there was no wind. ah well, maybe tomorrow.

I was born a zen master.
(someday I'll put that phrase into words that make sense to other people)

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