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Annoyed at car.
mom has an old family friend coming for lunchy munchies tomorrow.
I'll be wrastlin with my hub bearing starting at 9am.
Had to buy one tool to get the axle nut off.
Behind that, was another new nut we had no tool for.
Now you must understand, my family not having the proper tool for something means that it's one fuckin whack tool.
In this case it's a star of david.
No, not a hex wrench. a genuine six pointed star.
This is not so odd. But it's an inch across. that is odd.
hardware stores were closed by the time i'd dug that far into the axle, so I have to do it in the morning.

Other news, dad got some nice acrylic (sp?) contact balls and a neato video. I ben playing since it got too dark to work on the car.
Gotten better already. I'll be wowing people left and right next time I feel like being a dork.

Night all.

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