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well, I swore to myself that I'd have a job of some sort by the end of the week if I could.
Surprise surprise, I may actually make that deadline!

I swung by the local strip mall on my way home (actually a quaint little thing as we're in the middle of nowhere) and there's a sign on the state store (aka wine and spirits shoppe, called state stores in PA because alcohol is state controlled) saying that they're looking for part time help.
So I go in, figuring what the heck, at least it'll be minimum wage...
talk to the guy in there who first asks me if I'm looking for part or full time.
score, maybe I can get a full time crap job till I can find something real in networking as I'd like to.
So I say full time, and he says "ok, here's an application and a phone number. ask for xxx or xxx and tell them you want to come in for an interview. You'll be hired on the spot. and we just got a raise in wages that goes into effect next week, starting will be $10 an hour with full state benefits."
Mega score!
A totally doable job with benefits and a livable salary!
So I call the place, lady's a bimbo, but I should get a call back tomorrow and hopefully go in for an interview thingy tomorrow as well.
Not the greatest job ever, naturally, but it has great benefits (full medical, dental, etc.) if I end up there long enough to qualify for them. heh.

I'm still hoping to land a real job, but with the market the way it is, I may be in this one longer than I'd like. :o(
but it's a job and I have bills to be paying.

So a little bit of good news in my life.

Oh, I'm done with classes too but that hasn't sunk in yet.

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