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SO i've been working on my car alot lately. Big shock there.
This was a few day process of replacing the brake mountings. fun fun.
so I had the car up on a jack overnight last night, because I kinda had to.
This morning I go out to finish up, and my dad's ratchet set isn't on the seat where I left it. Nor is his satelite radio system.
Now this is odd, but I assumed that he put them somewhere weird, because he took a look at the car last night too.
I fix the car, put the wheel back on, and head inside.
Dad calls me up and asks how it went. I say "fine, but what'd you do with the ratchet set and your radio?"
He didn't move them.

This means only one thing, they were stolen.
Now for those of you who don't know, I live in the middle of nowhere, in a very friendly neighborhood. We don't have a lock on the doors of our house, we leave our car keys on the floor of the car with the doors unlocked. We have done so for the 22 years i've been alive and we've been living here. Nothing has ever been stolen out of a car, let alone a car itself.

So someone yoinked a ratchet set and a $300 radio system out of our parking lot.
Dad was understandably pissed, but it's hardly my fault... I learned it from them, and it's not like he would've done different.

So we have to start locking the cars around here and that just sucks. Like mom said, end of an era.

Work at the licker store is going ok, stocking shelves sucks but people watching is fun. I'll have some stories about odd customers soon. This one guy comes in about every other day apparently, and buys about 6-7 of those tiny little 2 shot bottles of liquor. really weird, as he usually gets similar ones, or at least a couple of the same ones. It'd be far cheaper just to get a big bottle, but whatever floats your boat, ya know?
The co-workers are a trip. there's one old guy who tried to tell me that evolution is a load of crap, because there's no way humans could evolve to have different hair textures.
Yes, those are his exact words almost.
sheesh, people.

and that's pretty much been my life lately, car and job.
car should be mostly better now. I hope.
and I have a job, at least for now.
still no interviews coming up for a real job, but I'm still hoping...

Off to ikea this evening with the girl, as they're having a sale and the girl has been wanting a specific couch from there.

sheesh. now I'm all paranoid about people around my house. *sigh*


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