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more on the car stealing thing:

whoever it was found my keys and opened the trunk to look for stuff.

From the trunk they took:
my tools
my two folding chairs
my fucking frisbee bag and my cleats. (what the fuck???)

They DIDN'T take, but had to have seen:
my digital camera
high class discman
crappy ass discman
lots of CDs
two bags of Target items that the girl bought the other day

let's review. Took dirty smelly cleats, left a couple hundred dollars in small digital items.
*scratches head*

Oh, and my keychain also, 32mb usb hard drive thingy. not that they would have known what it was...

this was one messed up person.
which doesn't change the fact that my family is now out a bunch of expensive tools and a rather expensive satelite radio system.
and a dirty stinky pair of cleats & a bunch of really smelly shirts.

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